Beta Male – “Are You Holden?”
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Beta Male – “Are You Holden?”
Radio Radio

Beta Male thoroughly seduced and entranced the crowd at Radio Radio for their sold-out cd-release show. As Allison Hazel stepped onto the stage dressed to thrill, wearing hosiery with no skirt, she conjured up images of a department-store mannequin come to life.

On the song “Are You Holden?”, Allison delivered an electrifying and spot-on vocal performance that remains unforgettably provocative. Keyboardist, Jess Hack was clad in a see-through evening gown as she worked her magic with the crowd. Ordering up men to spin in her web of synths. While David Hazel and TJ Briggs collaborated to paint a landscape of heavily-effected guitars and suggestive whispers.

“Are You Holden?” strikes a new chord for Beta Male as an electro-dance anthem from a female perspective. Building on the obvious Catcher in the Rye reference, the song constantly challenges with lines like “Are you praying for a miracle? How’s that working out?” and “A tiny cult in your greasy hand. Is this how a skinny boy becomes a big man?”. Allison, like the referenced protaginist, unapologetically calls out the fakes and phonies around her, all the while enticing and flirting with them to deliver on their promises, and ending with the pointed rhetorical, “Are you holding out?”.

As impressive as their self-titled debut is, their live performance is every bit as engaging. For tour info, visit​betamale

Special thanks to Beta Male, Molly K.Flynn, and Tufty for making this video happen.

MonkeyEatsMonkey would also like to thank our guest videographers: Nathan Karamanski, Mike Charizopoulos, Marshall Baumgartner and LuvisPro.

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