Company of Thieves – “Pig”
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Our friend, Grant, told us about Company of Thieves just two days before this performance. We’d never heard of them before, so we googled them to see what we could find.

The first video we came across was a grainy handycam video shot at the edge of a cliff for a song called “Even in the Dark”. It was such a touching song that went straight to the heart of us both. Here was this little powerhouse of a girl singing at the top of her lungs about how important it is to find your calling… even in the dark. It was so honest and so in line with everything we stand for. We HAD to videotape this band. And we had to make it great.

The thing about Indianapolis is that it’s hard to hold an all-ages show. Anywhere. The local government’s just not very keen on kids gathering anywhere but school and church. So what better place for this show to take place than ES Jungle. An all-ages venue located in the basement of a church in the Broad Ripple district of Indianapolis.

We were excited to be taping Company of Thieves, but we were totally exhilerated to find out that most of the songs they were going to play were only recently written, and that we’d be among the first to hear them. We only hope our video and audio treatment does them justice.

This is the first song of their set, called “Pig”.

Produced by MonkeyEatsMonkey.

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