Slothpop – “Zender”
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Slothpop continues to leave us all awe-inspired with their newest song, “Zender”. Recorded live at their CD-Release show at Radio Radio in Indianapolis, and featuring Indianapolis icon Christian Taylor on guitar, “Zender” is Slothpop’s most aggressive offering to date. But don’t let the “aggressive” tag fool you. Slothpop is as well-versed and articulate as ever.

Scathing lyrics, “You called me a thief, and I believed you…” and prophetic verses “All of your houses, All of your men will die and crumble.” reveal some of the darker edges of singer Kristin Newborn’s artistic palette. And Dan Zender’s orchestration helps to bring this often-lighthearted band into full-on rock territory.

Special thanks to guest-videographer, Marshall Baumgartner, for the gorgeous shots.

Slothpop – “Zender”
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